Piston Stuck

Date:Apr 30,2019

The piston ring is stuck in the ring groove due to the carbon deposit generated when the oil burns. There is also the uneven wear of the piston ring. You just need to change the four or a large amount of oil. It should be a quality problem of the accessory. Diesel engine needs to measure the matching clearance between piston and cylinder sleeve even if it is replaced with four. Don’t look at the four matching components. The assembly at the factory is not very serious. There will be too much clearance, you may wish to measure it. You should The piston ring is stuck due to burning oil. This situation is mainly caused by the accessory problem. The installation of the four matching technology is a necessary technology for the repairman, and generally there will be no problem. If there is a problem, the situation will be more serious than this. Cylinder. Cut the tile. Piston ring is broken. You said that the supplier of the pull-cylinder parts caused by the lack of water will not compensate for the loss. As for the repairman, the outsider is not good to judge. Unless you are no longer repaired in this repair shop, Other repair shops will find the real reason and tell you truthfully. If you change the cylinder liner, piston and piston ring assembly, but the engine still burns the oil. Mainly caused by the following reasons: the clearance between the cylinder liner and the piston is too large. Piston ring The opening gap is too large inner liner rough machining, tapered liner. Further, for a diesel engine crankcase ventilation naturally also need to check whether the flow.

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