Car Valve

Date:May 22,2019

Automobile valves, also known as throttle valves, are responsible for inputting fuel into the engine and exhausting the exhaust gas. The conventional engine has only one intake valve and one exhaust valve per cylinder. This design is relatively simple. The cost is low, the maintenance is convenient, and the low speed performance is good. The disadvantage is that the power is difficult to be improved, especially at high speed, the charging efficiency is low and the performance is weak. In order to improve the efficiency of intake and exhaust, multi-valve technology is now used. It is common to have 4 valves per cylinder (there are also single-cylinder 3 or 5 valves, the same principle, such as the Audi A6 engine), 4 cylinders. It is 16 valves. The “16V” we often see on the car data indicates that the engine has a total of 16 valves. This multi-valve structure is easy to form a compact combustion chamber, and the injector is arranged in the center, so that the oil-gas mixture can be burned more quickly and more uniformly, and the weight and opening of each valve are appropriately reduced, so that the valve is opened or closed. faster.

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