• Valve Working Condition

    Date:Jun 10 2019

    Valves and valve seats are one of the key components that affect engine reliability and safety. They are mainly used to start and shut down the intake and exhaust passages during engine operation, to control the intake of fuel mixture or air and the discharge of exhaust gases.

  • Car Valve

    Date:May 22 2019

    Automobile valves, also known as throttle valves, are responsible for inputting fuel into the engine and exhausting the exhaust gas. The conventional engine has only one intake valve and one exhaust valve per cylinder.

  • Piston Anodization

    Date:May 13 2019

    As the output power of the diesel engine continues to increase, the thermal stress and mechanical stress of the piston increase accordingly, resulting in cracking and ablation of the peripheral wall of the piston top combustion chamber.

  • Piston Stuck

    Date:Apr 30 2019

    The piston ring is stuck in the ring groove due to the carbon deposit generated when the oil burns. There is also the uneven wear of the piston ring. You just need to change the four or a large amount of oil. It should be a quality problem of the accessory.

  • Piston Ring

    Date:Apr 14 2019

    The piston of an automobile engine is one of the main components in the engine. It is composed of a piston ring, a piston pin and other components to form a piston group, and a cylinder head and the like to form a combustion chamber.

  • Piston Difference

    Date:Mar 26 2019

    Both the gasoline engine and the piston of the diesel engine are quite different in the main structure. Generally, the piston of the gasoline engine is relatively small in diameter, relatively small in wall thickness, and relatively light in weight.

  • Piston Influence

    Date:Mar 12 2019

    As the requirements for the engine’s power, economy, environmental protection and reliability become more and more strict, the piston has developed into a collection of lightweight high-strength new materials, shaped outer cylindrical composite profiles, shaped pin holes, etc.

  • Piston Structure

    Date:Feb 10 2019

    The entire piston can be divided into three parts: the piston top, the piston head and the piston skirt.

  • Piston Working Condition

    Date:Jan 21 2019

    The piston works under conditions of high temperature, high pressure, high speed and poor lubrication. The piston is directly in contact with high temperature gas, and the instantaneous temperature can reach 2500K or more.

  • Piston Introduction

    Date:Jan 8 2019

    Automobile pistons, like the central part of a car engine, play an extremely important role in engine start-up. The car piston is used to withstand the gas pressure, and the piston pin drives the crankshaft to rotate through the piston pin.

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